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Author Gabriella Coleman Expands on Role of Linux in Hacker Culture

Gabriella Coleman is the Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy at McGill University. She recently released a new book titled "Coding Freedom: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Hacking" after having spent three years working and living with hackers in the San Francisco Bay area. The community she chose to study was the Debian Linux community. In this interview with, Coleman shares her perspective on the role of Linux in hacker culture and what it really means today to be a hacker.

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Linux Users Get Remote Desktop Boost from Splashtop

Splashtop today is releasing remote desktop Streamer software for Ubuntu Linux. We've been following this company (aka DeviceVM) for a few years and are excited about its evolution and what it's bringing to Linux users. We share here a Q&A we were able to do with Splashtop CEO Mark Lee about today's news. It includes a sneak preview for Linux users of what's coming next.

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Announcing the LinuxCon Europe VIP Gift Winners, Free Live Streaming of Event

Earlier this month we invited the community to share with us their favorite session scheduled for LinuxCon Europe. In return, community members were included in a random drawing to win one of this event's VIP/speaker gifts: the Linux Futbol Club Soccer Jersey.

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LinuxCon Europe Q&A: When the Cloud Model Doesn't Fit

LinuxCon Europe is approaching fast. We'll be gathering in Barcelona, Spain November 5-7, 2012 to help developers, SysAdmins and business executives connect and collaborate while having a great time. One of this year's keynote spakers is Dave Engberg, CTO at Evernote. He'll be sharing a story with LinuxCon attendees about how his company designed a a system for millions of users with Linux and open source best practices that why it didn't fit the cloud model. Here he shares with us more details about what we can expect from his keynote, as well as his thoughts on cloud computing and collaborative development.

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LinuxCon Europe Co-located Events Offer More Opportunities for Collaboration

Earlier this week I wrote about the VIP/speaker gift we're giving away at LinuxCon Europe (Twitter hashtag: #linuxcon) and shared with the community how anyone could win their own Linux Futbol Club soccer jersey (make sure to read that story, you could still win if you comment).

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