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Having "Largeness of Mind" While Doing Linux Driver/Kernel Development

Often we try and remain very focused on our goals and work hard to avoid distractions.

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The Benefits of Distribution-Flexible Linux Training

If I’ve always been associated with Red Hat, why wouldn’t I just stick with their products? The answer that I give is that being familiar with a variety of distributions allows for greater flexibility.
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What Linux Trivia Questions Should We Ask LinuxCon Europe Attendees?

This year at LinuxCon in San Diego, the folks from our training group set up a booth and gave away a variety of prizes (a skateboard, free merchandize, free Linux training) to those who took a shot at a Linux trivia quiz. 

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Why Doesn't Linux Do What Windows, OS X, Solaris, etc. Does?

Attendees of our Linux developer courses come from a variety of backgrounds and many are versed in other operating systems.
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Test Your Linux Knowledge at LinuxCon & CloudOpen 2012!

So, you think you really know what’s happening with Linux?  

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