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Keeping Linux Kernel Training Current

The Linux kernel develops at a truly astonishing pace, with a new major version emerging every two to three months. For both new and already active kernel developers, keeping up with changes and new features is both challenging and worthwhile. With the recent release of kernel 3.5, we wanted to share our philosophy for having the most up-to-date materials in our courses.

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How to Get a Discount on Embedded Linux Training in Silicon Valley this July

The Linux Foundation's embedded development training has helped companies like Compunetix with their transition to Linux and allowed individuals (even 13-year engineering veterans) to expand upon their existing knowledge of embedded.

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How to Land the Best Linux Job

What are the best Linux jobs and how do you get one? I think a lot of people would agree that Linus Torvalds has a pretty good Linux job, but that's just one position and not one I think he wants to give up any time soon. If you're considering a career in Linux and/or increasing your knowledge of Linux in particular areas, there are certainly some areas that are hotter than others right now. We informally surveyed our online community, reviewed job postings on and, and have talked to a variety of our corporate members about the best Linux jobs and the skills needed to land them. As a result, here are the top three hottest Linux jobs right now and how you can begin working on landing one of them.

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Brazilian Government Consultant Increases Knowledge with Linux Training Opportunities

Peter Senna Tschudin is both an authoritative teacher and an eager student. Working as a consultant implementing and developing free software for the Brazilian government, he’s required to have a vast knowledge of the technical intricacies of the Linux OS, including Kernel internals. Linux Foundation training has become Tschudin’s go-to resource for satisfying his insatiable desire to dive deep into the technology, which ultimately adds value to his clients. That’s why he’s a frequent training participant, an avid conference-goer, and an all-around fan of the Linux Foundation.

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Linux Training for Your New Year’s Resolutions

We’ve scheduled several training classes to help you ring in the New Year. Immediately on the horizon is our LF331 Developing Linux Device Drivers class on January 16-20, 2012. LF331 introduces programmers to the Linux kernel and the different device drivers used in the Linux kernel space, while hands-on exercises and demos provide the necessary tools to learn how to...
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