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Friday Five: Linux Stories for the Weekend

It's Friday, and your body may still be at work — but your brain has checked out for the weekend. Let's give it something to do, by checking out these five posts you might have missed over the week.

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A Look at Student Mentoring and Linux Learners Student Day

The Linux Foundation is taking a cue from The Who, and providing a Magic Bus to LinuxCon in Vancouver, B.C. from Portland, Ore. for students who want to learn about contributing to Linux.

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Linus Jumps Ahead to 3.0

Last week it looked like we were, finally, going to get a version bump from 2.6 to 2.8. Instead, Linus Torvalds has bitten the bullet and tagged the first release candidate of the next kernel to 3.0.

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The Voices in Linus' Head Say Time for 2.8

Of the many questions Linus Torvalds must be tired of answering, one of the top 10 has to be "when will we have a 2.8 kernel?" (Or some variation thereof.) Naturally, a big fuss wouldn't do for announcing the decision to name a kernel 2.8 — so it's been slipped in as a postscript to the announcement that the next kernel will have a short merge window.

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LibreOffice 3.4beta5 and Communication Changes

The LibreOffice Project announced beta 5 of the upcoming 3.4 release today. The project is also announcing a change in its announcement strategy — the -announce list will only be used for final and stable releases.

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