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Puppet Labs CEO: How to Grow an Authentic Open Source Community

Luke Kanies, founder and CEO of Puppet Labs, kicked off the last day of ApacheCon with a keynote on Growing Authentic Communities. Despite being early on the final day of a conference, Kanies managed to draw a respectable crowd at ApacheCon eager to hear about techniques for growing a community.

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Bringing the Open Cloud to Las Vegas: The CloudStack Collaboration Conference

Most of the work in open source communities takes place over mailing lists, IRC, code repositories, and ticketing systems. In other words, efficient collaboration tools that let folks from all over the world work together without having to be in the same location. But face-to-face meetings are valuable too, which is why we‚Äôre putting together the CloudStack Collaboration Conference this fall.

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Defining the Open Cloud

Last week at CloudOpen we had a short panel discussion about what makes an ‚Äúopen cloud.‚ÄĚ Surprisingly, some folks don‚Äôt think that having the source code to the cloud service is a requirement. 

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New Linux Kernel Adds X32 ABI, Btrfs Updates

It's been a "calm" release cycle, according to Linus Torvalds, but the 3.4 Linux kernel released on Sunday still has plenty of interesting new features. Top of the bill? A X32 application binary interface (ABI) that will help provide better performance for applications that don't really need huge chunks of memory or 64-bit variables.

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Linux Mint Debian: Now with Cinnamon!

There's a new Linux Mint in town, and something new has been added. Specifically, Mint's Cinnamon desktop is now part of Linux Mint's Debian Edition (LMDE). Mint giveth, and Mint taketh away. The 201204 LMDE release also says goodbye to GNOME 2.x, though users do have a transition plan one way or another.

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