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Greg Kroah-Hartman: A Year in My Life [Infographic]

I've now been with the Linux Foundation for just over a year. When I started, I posted a list of how you can watch to see what I've been doing. But, given that people like to see year-end-summary reports, the excellent graphic designers at the Linux Foundation have put together an image summarizing my past year, in numbers:

 lf infogfx gregkh2012 jpg




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  • AdamWill Said:

    Skatox: kernel collaboration is done almost entirely via email, in a semi-automated way; it's all hooked into git, look up what git format-patch and git send-email do. The workflow for kernel development is that you set up your own kernel branch, make your changes, and then use git to send your patches out for review via email. Kernel maintainers can pull patches into their trees and filter them up the line using the same email-based workflow. Hence all the emails. Most of them are probably not the kinds of emails you and I get, but patches being reviewed. I am curious about the 366 mile taxi ride, though. :)

  • skatox Said:

    Ohh thanks!!, i guess the taxi rides are from airports to locations, or between hotels and coferences.

  • Dr. Eddy Said:

    I wonder - how are all those mails managed? Offline client? If so, how would you manage SMTP servers in different ISP networks? I would go mad if I were to change it very often, considering so many miles travelled. Can anyone explain?

  • brentrbrian Said:

    Very impressive ... I don't see SLEEP or other luxuries in there ... ?

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