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3.10 Linux Kernel Development Rate

While working on the latest statistics for the yearly Linux Foundation “Who Writes Linux” paper, I noticed the rate-of-change for the 3.10 kernel release that just happened this weekend:

Every year I think we can’t go faster, and every year I’m wrong.

Note, the “number of employers” row is not correct, I haven’t updated those numbers yet, that takes a lot more work, which I will be doing this week.

Spreadsheet source, and scripts used to generate the numbers, and “cleaned up” kernel logs can be found in my kernel-history repo here.



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  • Markus Klyver Said:

    Great. Keep the good work up! Love ya all!

  • rrrmanion Said:

    there is the full image here: (taken from )

  • lars Said:

    Very interesting but how much of this "extra 3.10 activity" is from piled up changes that have not made it into previously version(s) - stable/unstable release or what would else be the reasons. Question I would like ask, how much of 3.10 extra activity if from new feature/new drivers and how much is from clean-up and kernel structure changes - no new features/new drivers. If answer is "a lot" then even more impressive. I might take up Gentoo again to have the latest kernel, to see difference.

  • Jerry McBride Said:

    I'm running 3.10.4 since it was introduced and even have it on a production server doing pages and ftp services. Yes, a Gentoo box. This is the beauty of Linux, the sources are growing at a phenomenal rate, but no drop in performance. We're witnessing excellent programming and nothing less.

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