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Linux Fans React to Rumors of Microsoft Office on Linux



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  • visoos Said:

    I won't dirty my GNU/linux systems with micro$oft $oftware.

  • ShaunGeorge Said:

    I only run a free system that gives me freedom - No microcrap products for me.

  • Jan Ohlsson Said:

    Microsoft have av sip-plattform Lync 2010(mayby replacing skype) that they try to sell. It's highly integrated in MS Office.It could be a smart move for them corparatly.Privatly I would never use it.

  • Aldo Regnando Said:

    The way I see it is Microsoft trying to push its software in the Linux world, then step by step displace Libreoffice and get a bunch of people captive. When that happens the only thing they get is less competitors in its way. I don't see anything good in that behavior of Microsoft they had never been so kindness. (sorry for my english)

  • Micro Open Source Said:

    Microsoft should then be giving it free., coz linux is open source .,, I was wondering., about 2 years back people were suggesting microsoft to let Windows xp go open source so that we could support it .,, but i dont know why microsoft did not respond to such awesome offer ??????? It should think, that atleast by this way, the os would still be alive !!!!!!!!!!!

  • LS Said:

    Libreoffice 4 is great. Combined with GDocs- is a complete solution on for my Linux/Android. No need for MS Office.

  • rodrigo Said:

    What's the matter? Why can't they sell it? If it's freedom, so let's give the freedom of choice! Especially if it's at a low cost!

  • Francis (Grizzly) Smit Said:

    I would never use it, let them try, but I doubt there will be much take up

  • philip Said:

    since I start my linux journey I've been missing msOffice... I was "windows child" and for many years I was using Excel & Word. Now I understand that it was a crime to give me Windows as my first OS. It should be linux... Every one in my job & school are using MSOffice, I cannot use linux at my job because of office docs compatibility problem. If I were using OpenOffice from the start, this would be no BIG NEWS for me. Right now MSOffice on a linux platform would be veeery usefull for me.

  • jake Said:

    Thankfully right now linux users are intelligent when it comes to software, and microsoft office is crap compared to libreoffice. I can get way more done in Libreoffice, and import add-ons when needed, while MsOffice is just one thing that appeals to stupid or illiterate users, which thankfully are switching to Mac, one down, one to go in my opinion. To me this isn't a business move of MS part, its a ditch effort to support on linux since they know Linux will win the battle of OS between MS and Linux, its inevitable. Linux is self-sustaining now, with more contributions with more users, including businesses, such as Android manufacturers like Samsung, that has already contributed patches for the Linux Kernel, which they nor any other manufacturers could do with MS. MS is desperate, they are doing tons of advertising against Google, Linux, Samsung, and anyone else, they know they're losing, they just don't know they've lost yet.

  • Chris Said:

    This is purely a rumour. Checked with microsoft windows 8 techs at a commercial seminar last week and they had heard nothing about office for linux. They said if it did become available it would be in a software download at They also said microsoft doesn't sell software for free. Hope this calms all of you down.

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