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Linux Video of the Week: Hands-On with the $25 Firefox Phone

All of the major mobile Linux OS players, from Tizen and Firefox to Sailfish and Ubuntu, had exciting announcements at Mobile World Congress this week (see our coverage of Samsung's Tizen smartwatches Spreadtrum-Reference-Device-sm-2-3and an overview of all of the mobile OS announcements.) But one of the most buzzed-about was Mozilla and Spreadtrum's prototype $25 Firefox OS phone.

Mozilla has designed a phone that's even more affordable for emerging markets and thus redefines the entry level for smartphones. Mozilla engineers were able to accomplish this by adjusting the hardware requirements of the operating system to run on a 1 GHz CPU, single core Spreadtrum chipset with only 128 MB of RAM. That's only 25 to 50 percent of the RAM found in existing entry-level devices on the market, said Joe Cheng, product manager at Mozilla in this video demonstration of the prototype phone, below.

Mozilla's MWC announcements also served as a platform to promote open source alternatives in the mobile market as well as openness on the Web in general.

“It's important today to have an open and interoperable system and as we go forward and more types of devices are connected, interoperability and open systems will be ever more important,” said Mitchell Baker, Mozilla co-founder and chair of the Mozilla Foundation, in a press conference at MWC. “We and our partners have challenged ourselves to bring this rich experience and sense of possibility to all price points.”

See the $25 Firefox phone demonstrated:

Or watch highlights from the press conference discussing Mozilla's strategy and long-term vision for its Firefox mobile OS:



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  • Chuck Forbes Said:

    Well done! This will bring personal computing to a lot of people around the world. This is revolutionary.

  • James Mike Said:

    I maintain that the FFF--FireFoxFone--is getting ready to turn the 'phone business up-side down. Because of the lack of the need for a VERY expensive apps infrastructure, all the smart/feature-phone manufacturers are going to be running scared. I predict that you're going to see some VERY big names in a bidding war for the FFF. And I do mean BIG NAMES. This would be a great opportunity for Mark Shuttleworth to REALLY produce a telephone (assuming, of course, that he has really INTENDED all along to build one), but he's a nobody when it comes to what it will take to buy the FFF. The last figures I heard for the worth of The Mozilla Corporation was somewhere far north of $US 4 BILLION! Shuttleworth's got the mouth but not the wallet to match. As they say: "Fim at eleven!"

  • toki Said:

    aweson!! HTML5 + Js... I want one, think about the big opportunity to write your own app without JAVA... faster and easy. well will see the future 4 FF

  • Dave Postles Said:

    I have the ZTE Firefox smartphone. It cost £75 in the UK. I'm very happy with it, but look forward to this new version to take the world by storm. The only slight problem with the ZTE phone is that it needs a better camera.

  • Neel Gupta Said:

    So, now it is a two horse race: FireFoxFone vs. AraPhone

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