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Linux Video of the Week: Linux Sucks (But Actually It's Awesome)

Get ready for an entertaining – and possibly infuriating – examination of Linux desktop distributions from the perspective of community insider, writer and commentator, Bryan Lunduke.

In his annual “Linux Sucks” presentation at LinuxFest Northwest last Saturday in Bellingham, Washington, Lunduke unabashedly took aim at some controversial targets – Ubuntu, Fedora, Gnome, Wayland and X, to name a few – while simultaneously praising their accomplishments.

The talk highlights the Linux community's capacity to gripe and moan about the very same software that it faithfully uses and loves. And Lunduke, well aware that he's making himself a target of ridicule, conveys this dual nature well by going through the same set of slides twice: once to discuss how Linux sucks and once to hail how awesome it is. He does this well, with an air of showmanship (and a sprinkling of expletives.) But he ends on a sincere note.

“I think it's absolutely amazing that we have a multi-million person community out there that's rallied around one core set of an operating system, a piece of software, that we feel entirely invested in. For a lot of us it's an identity,” said Lunduke, a social media marketing manager at SUSE (and a guest blogger for “And yet we yell about Linux on Reddit and every other website we get a chance to... and we still at the end of the day love Linux... and each other.”



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  • valyum Said:

    Linux it's awsome beacuse is so muche diversified.You don't like somethig ?Have choise to get what you want.Well, not everythig is ok, but we have power for choise, and this is awsome.Have a nice day ! :-)

  • Jimmi Said:

    Please stop using the "R" word. It is so insensitive. Please stop,

  • Fbc Said:

    If it weren't for the language I'd spread links to this around. Too bad it's not suitable for people with children around.

  • Qever Said:

    This was fantastic. I'm sending this to literally all of my colleagues.

  • user Said:

    Totally agree, developers just keeps inventing wheel again and again. Please, for example, make some existing filemanager better. Please, when you finally get something working, don't break it again.

  • davidm Said:

    Indeed, the whole swearing culture thing is so tiresome. And "sucks," "retarded," what are we, 13 years old? The entire culture is "retarded" and is desperately trying to say it is not to be taken seriously (maybe because it would be perceived as challenging to those who pay the bills). Is it so difficult or unenjoyable to speak with basic articulation? You don't need to be pretentious or exclusionary to find nicer alternatives. And I guess a manager of SuSe would be happy about the divided Linux world since they're not going for a mainstream desktop. It's another way to disavow responsibility. I tried to support a couple of non profits in their use of desktop Linux. I picked Ubuntu at the time because it seemed to have the most support and the desktop was the same as other distros. Then Unity came out and some were used to Gnome and some had no idea and there was no cohesiveness left, I gave up and questions about Linux desktops are in the same categories as questions about Windows. Try clicking on the thing. The desktop shifting thing is also not everyone. It's a common experience when you're new to Linux you try a few. It's people with time on their hands and probably not engaged in something serious (or avoiding it), or irritated people unhappy with their current distro. Not to take away the freedom or creativity of the open source world, but some things have to just work in a consistent way or it will never grow out of its niches. But it seems the big objective here is an office, kind of like an entry salesperson.

  • Cal Lidderdale Said:

    My blue Ford is so much better than your red Chev. Although I like the chrome ring around your door lock more than I do mine and your radio... To me 99.999% of the hype about difference about colors, icons, placement. What I care about is stability, and being able to awk '{print $3}' t1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n > t2, etc. I like that I don't have to shell out $150-200 per year for Linux and $??? for Gimp and $$$$$$ for xyz. Though I wouldn't mind paying 5-10-20. Stability and security is what I want. This video "Linux Sucks" places a lot on who has the best screen layout - Ooooo pretty picture. My parting comment: Argo, fork it.

  • Hard Worker Said:

    tl;dr did the video cover whether any distro actually works? After many years of trying different distros, that's all I want. I don't have time to spend more time than I do on windows. I have work to do. which distro actually works?

  • liderbug Said:

    I'd say all the distros work. Linux is Linux is Linux. LibreOffice works, Gimp works, XYZ works. What you will find is "Oh, look, our icons are round... No, you want square icons .... Ooooooooo look at our background....". To add an application, some use "yum install xyz" others use "apt-get install xyz". I happen to drive a Ford, my neighbor drives a Honda. Won't own/drive/ridein a Ford/Chev/Ugo.... if his life depended on it. Hmmm,... both have 4 wheels, gas peddle, radio, engine, wipers, ... same ~~ gas mileage. Mine is red, his is blue. The distros are free - cost you some time - download a "live" version of "A" and run from CD, then the same for "B" and "C". See which "menu" system you like. Me, I like Fedora.

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