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Video: Which Super Hero Would the Linux Community Be?

Contest winnersA Reddit thread posted earlier this week posed the question, “What if Linux distros were super heroes?” Would Ubuntu be Superman? We'll leave it to the Redditors to debate that one. But we can weigh in on the question “Which super hero would Linux community be?”

The developers, system administrators, architects, business managers, and community leaders who attended LinuxCon and CloudOpen North America this week are all Linux super heroes. But this year some attendees also decided to dress the part – mingling in the hallway track and attending sessions as their favorite hero as part of the event's first ever Comic Book Hero Day and costume contest.

Attendees were invited to bring their costume from home or rent one from the store available onsite and wear them throughout the day on Thursday. At the end of the day, a panel of three judges chose the “most original,” “most humorous” and “best costume.” Each winner received a one-day pass to Chicago Comic Con, taking place August 21-24 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. The following winners were announced at the Booth Crawl Thursday evening: Brian Proffitt, Red Hat, as Harry Dresden; Ruth Suehle, Red Hat as the Black Widow; and Matthew Wilcox, Intel as the Flash.

Watch the video, below, to catch a glimpse of these and other Linux heroes in action.  



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  • Sven Said:

    I cannot get past the headline. It is just so dumb. Super heroes are all about individualism. Every hero is unique with its own strengths and weaknesses. People want to identify with them. And because every person is a bit different is there no single super hero, but there are many of them so that everyone can identify with their own hero. To try and to stereotype an entire community, one as large as the Linux community is, with a single question is as dumb as racism ever was. I am sure you did not mean it like this, but girl you are so damn close to the shit evil people say when they give in to their hate that it would put the shame to your face had you realized the nature of your question. The Linux community is of course much more than all super heroes combined.

  • Boing Said:

    That's why Linux will never win the desktop, or at least be close to either OSX or Windows.

  • Bob Said:

    Obviously Bicycle-repair-man (sorry it's Python-based)!

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