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Ceph Open Source Storage Grows With Red Hat Backing

In the past few weeks we've seen Ceph become an integral part of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 6 and the latest update of its core enterprise operating system, RHEL 7.1, as well as a key consulting area in its newly announced Cloud Innovation Practice.

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SUSE Explains Why the Future of Enterprise Storage is Open Source

SUSE's announcement last month of its new enterprise storage solution based on the open source Ceph project is perfectly timed for the storage market's growth.

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15 Questions from SysAdmin Konstantin Ryabitsev's Reddit AMA

Linux Foundation System Administrator Konstanin Ryabitsev answered questions in a Reddit AMA this week. Here are some of the best responses.

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Blind Genetics Researcher Wants to Learn Linux But Needs a Tutor

Bioinformatics graduate student Thomas Hahn was born with albinism – a genetic disorder that's left him nearly blind – and despite his great desire to transfer his Windows programming skills to Linux, it's been nearly impossible to do on his own. He needs someone with sight – and Linux knowledge – to show him how.

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Samsung, OpenChain Aim to Build Trust With Open Source Compliance

The OpenChain work group at The Linux Foundation aims to create a set of compliance best practices for companies to follow internally. 

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