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The Companies That Support Linux: MariaDB

MariaDB has more than 2 million users globally and over 500 customers in more than 45 countries -- most of whom are running Linux.

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Docker VP Marianna Tessel: What’s Next For Containers

Container technology has become more sophisticated to support multi-container, multi-host applications, and has even expanded beyond Linux to the Windows architecture, says Marianna Tessel, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Docker, in this preview of her LinuxCon, CloudOpen and ContainerCon keynote.

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Bruce Schneier: IT Teams Need Cyberattack Response Planning More Than Prevention

Prevention is only part of the solution to cyberattacks, says Bruce Schneier, a security guru and internationally renowned security technologist, in this Q&A in advance of his LinuxCon keynote in August.

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Learn Linux Kernel Device Drivers With Linux Foundation Instructor Bill Kerr

Bill Kerr has taught Linux Foundation courses in Linux Kernel internals, debugging, device drivers and application development for many years. He helped write the original Linux Foundation Training course materials and has been working with UNIX kernels for 35 years.

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The People Who Support Linux: SysAdmin Rigs Raspberry Pi for Racing Pigeons

New Linux Foundation individual member Robert Threet built a Raspberry Pi-based motion detector for his pigeon loft.

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