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18 New Open Source Projects in the 2015 Guide to the Open Cloud

Taking a look at the projects that were added to the 2015 Guide to the Open Cloud can help shed some light on the trends and technologies that are shaping the cloud. 

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The Companies That Support Linux: Planisys

By using Linux containers and Linux-based orchestration tools, Planisys is able to stay flexible amid changing hardware and networks, which in turn has helped the company to scale and stay competitive.

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Linux System Engineer Jean-Roch Rossi Advanced His Career With Practice, Certification

Though he eventually built a career as a Linux System Engineer, Jean-Roch Rossi started Linux administration as a hobby and a help-desk job in college.

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The Companies That Support Linux: Micron Technology Inc.

Storage industry technologies are undergoing a major shift and operating systems must evolve to keep pace with the change. That's one reason why Micron Technology, a global leader in advanced semiconductor systems including DRAM, NAND and NOR Flash, recently joined the Linux Foundation as a corporate member.

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The Top 10 Linux Foundation Videos of 2014

All of the top videos help tell the story of Linux and collaborative development in some way, whether it's through humor (Linus reads mean tweets), fantastic technology demos (Dronecode launch), training the next generation of Linux sysadmins, or simply seeing the home offices of some of the kernel's key developers. 

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