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Citrix's Mark Hinkle: Users Will Drive Innovation in Linux, Tech

Mark Hinkle, senior director of open source solutions at Citrix will speak at LinuxCon Europe in Edinburgh, Oct. 21-23 on how the Linux and open source communities can build upon their success for the betterment of technology and the world. In this Q&A he gives a preview of his talk and discusses maintaining the values of the Linux community; how users can help sustain innovation; Citrix's contributions to open source software and Linux; and the role of cloud computing in the future of Linux.

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LinuxCon Luncheon Connects Women in Technology

One of the highlights of my time at LinuxCon and CloudOpen this year in New Orleans was the women-only luncheon held the very first day of the conference. It was a real pleasure and an inspiration to see women from all backgrounds and levels of experience with Linux and open source come together to talk about their skills and interests in technology.

There were no formal presentations. Instead each of the more than 50 women had the chance to stand up and introduce herself and share her experiences as a woman and a professional in the Linux community and the tech industry in general.

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Managing the Transition to High-Availability Linux for Mission-Critical Workloads

High-availability (HA) Linux is increasingly being used to help companies meet market demands for fast-paced R&D and shorter product cycles. In this Q&A Linux Foundation instructor Florian Haas explains why a HA Linux stack is worthwhile and what you’ll learn in the Linux Foundation’s new High Availability Linux Architecture corporate training.

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Live From LinuxCon: The CloudCast Podcasts on OpenStack Neutron, Canonical, PaaS Deployment, Puppet and Leaving VMWare

On the last day of LinuxCon and CloudOpen North America the “all things cloud computing” podcast, The CloudCast, was busy recording back-to-back episodes on topics including OpenStack Neutron, Canonical Cloud and Juju, PaaS adoption barriers, Puppet, and the journey from VMWare to OpenStack.

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Kernel Developers, Linus Torvalds Emphasize Diversity for Innovation

Linus Torvalds and the Linux kernel maintainers on stage today at LinuxCon and CloudOpen covered a range of topics, from personal hobbies to advice for getting patches upstream. But one consistent theme emerged in the discussion: Growing the size and diversity of the Linux kernel developer community -- on the kernel side as well as in user space -- will help push continued innovation even as technology changes.

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