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Tulsa’s Community Collaboration Model for Supercomputing

Two weeks ago the Tandy Supercomputing Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma launched as the home to one of the country’s first shared, publicly available supercomputers. It is a model for community collaboration that enables low-cost access to supercomputing resources for researchers, small and medium businesses, enterpreneurs and nonprofits alike.

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U-Boot Creator Wolfgang Denk on the Great Achievements of Embedded Linux

In this Q&A, U-Boot Creator Wolfgang Denk discusses the upcoming U-Boot v2013.04 release; the future of U-Boot; the current state and future of embedded Linux and Android; the role of the Yocto Project in standardizing embedded development; and the best tools for embedded developers.  

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The People Who Support Linux: Giving a Public System a Web Interface Lift

As an IT manager for the Mt. Lebanon Municipality near Pittsburgh, PA, Nick Schalles recently faced a familiar but difficult problem for those maintaining public infrastructure.  How could they update an old system to meet the new demands of the digital age and stay within a public agency budget?

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You’re Invited to Contribute to the Future of

With nearly 1 million  visitors a month, we aim to make a hub of information for the Linux community and a platform for advocacy for the Linux operating system. Thank you to our readers and community members for your ongoing support of this important resource. As the Linux community grows and technology evolves, so must We are considering some updates to the site to meet these growing needs and need your help to understand what is most important. We invite you to take this 5-minute survey to help inform these updates.

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Linux Thermal Daemon Monitors and Controls Temperature in Tablets, Laptops

Intel’s Open Source Technology Center has released an open source tool to monitor and control temperature in tablets, ultrabooks and laptops. The Linux Thermal Daemon can use the latest thermal drivers in the Linux kernel, not just the standard cpufreq subsystem, to provide CPU temperature control.

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