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Linux Video of the Week: Why Open Source Will Change Networking

Open source software will dramatically accelerate change in the networking industry over the next few years with software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), according to a new report released this week by GigaOM and funded by the OpenDaylight Project. This video explains why.

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Neela Jacques: Why Collaborative Development is Right for Software-Defined Networking

OpenDaylight Executive Director Neela Jacques talks about collaborative development, its challenges and successes, and its role in revolutionizing software-defined networking.

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Qualcomm's Liat Ben-Zur: Open Source Collaboration Works

Earlier this year, Qualcomm wowed technology industry executives and analysts with a tour of its smart connected home built using the Linux-based AllJoyn platform. In her keynote next week at Collaboration Summit in Napa, Calif., Liat Ben-Zur, senior director at Qualcomm Connected Experiences and chairperson of the AllSeen Alliance, will take us behind the scenes of how the AllJoyn software is being built.

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Linux Kernel Developer Panel Preview: Introductions and Projects

The Linux kernel developer panel at Collaboration Summit next week is our first opportunity this year to hear directly from Linux kernel developers about which issues and features are top-of-mind for the kernel community now and in the year ahead. 

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Linux Video of the Week: Preview of Web Browser Gaming via Unreal Engine 4 in Firefox

While Valve has been busy proving that Linux and open source are the future of gaming with the Steam operating system and gaming consoles, Mozilla and Epic Games have been making their own strides in the open source gaming revolution on the Web.

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