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IBM Makes Push for Open Source Virtualization with KVM

IBM is not at all new to virtualization, but with its shift last month to an open source cloud architecture, the company has put a fresh effort into boosting market share for KVM, the open source Linux “Kernel-based Virtual Machine” for x86 servers.

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Boosting Linux Power Efficiency with Kernel Scheduler Updates

From data centers to embedded sensors, energy use is one of the toughest issues facing computing. The Linux kernel community has already made great progress in boosting energy efficiency, but there's still more work to be done to optimize Linux systems with one area of focus on power-aware scheduling. Three presentations on the kernel scheduler at Collaboration Summit in San Francisco explained the issue and progress being made with the kernel to address it.

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How to Bring More Women to Free and Open Source Software

Executive director of the GNOME Foundation Karen Sandler is working to attract more women to free and open source software with the GNOME Outreach Program for Women. Here are five tips for starting a successful program from her presentation at Collaboration Summit on Wednesday.

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5 Favorite Sessions from Collaboration Summit Attendees

Five Collaboration Summit attendees told us what their favorite part of the conference has been so far.

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Jon Corbet's Linux Forecast, Netflix and More from Collaboration Summit

Afternoon sessions at The Linux Foundation's Collaboration Summit featured Netflix, Intel, Red Hat, Linux Foundation collaborative projects and the Linux weather forecast by Jon Corbet.

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