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The People Who Support Linux: Attorney Uses Linux to Aid Firm’s Data Analysis

Chicago-based employment attorney Ahmed Minhaj first started using Linux back in 2001 because he appreciated the philosophy behind Linux and other open source projects. He was also looking for an alternative to the buggy and unstable Microsoft Windows and MS Office.

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Kevin Kelly: How Linux Will Shape the Future of Technology

The operating system of the future is still to be determined but LInux will play an important role in creating it, says Kevin Kelly, a founding editor at Wired.  Just as no one could predict what the Internet would look like 20 years ago, we can't begin to imagine future technology. But  Kelly envisions the Technium, a global interconnected super organism that's one step up from the Internet of today but can hardly be compared with it. In this Q&A Kelly gives us a taste of his LinuxCon and CloudOpen keynote, and discusses how the LInux community can contribute to the Technium and continue to innovate.

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SUSE's George Shi Explains Linux Enterprise 11 SP3 Role in Mission-Critical Computing

Earlier this month SUSE announced the general availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, Service Pack 3 -- their operating system for servers running mission-critical workloads in physical, virtual and cloud environments. In this exclusive interview, SUSE product marketing manager George Shi describes new  and upcoming features in SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.

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20 Years of Top500 Data Show Linux’s Role in Supercomputing Breakthroughs

Today the Linux Foundation released a short analysis paper on 20 years of data collected by the Top500 supercomputer list. There has been no shortage of stories chronicling the rise of Linux in supercomputing. But we found the data tells another, less obvious story as well.

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Raspberry Pi’s Eben Upton: Open Source Lessons from Wayland

In less than two years the Raspberry Pi has sold more than 1 million units and become widely used and adored among DIY hackers and embedded professionals alike. During that time the board’s creators have also gotten a fast education on open source software development and the process of collaboration, said Raspberry Pi Foundation Executive Director Eben Upton.

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