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Red Hat's John Mark Walker: The Open Cloud Needs Open Storage

John Mark Walker, Gluster Community leader at Red Hat, previews his talk on open source data storage at Collaboration Summit April 15-17. Also on his mind are the upcoming GlusterFS 3.4 release, the project's shift to open source from an open core model, and what Linux pros need to know about enterprise storage right now.

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The People Who Support Linux: Tony Awtrey, Linux Developer and Opera Singer

Listening to Tony Awtrey sing Pie Jesu from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Requiem is awe inspiring. The classically trained tenor has a euphonious voice capable of taking your breath away. He’s also a Linux developer and Chief Scientist in the defense industry.

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HTML5 and Qt, Two Popular Tools for Embedded Linux Application Development

Standardization has moved up to the application layer as developers adopt tools that simplify and speed UI creation. HTML5 and Qt are two application development environments rising in popularity among embedded Linux developers. 

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Law Librarian Creates LibreOffice, gscan2PDF How-to Videos for 100 Linux Tutorials Campaign

Library technician John Kerr was one of the first Linux community members to add his how-to videos to the 100 Linux Tutorials Video Campaign [link] this year.  The brief screencasts showcase software that he uses everyday in his job at the county court house library for the Wellington Law Association in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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Jon Corbet Mulls Linux Kernel Changes

In this Q&A Linux kernel contributor and co-founder Jon Corbet previews his Linux kernel forecast talk at Collaboration Summit, discusses some kernel changes that surprised him last year, and reveals some of the biggest challenges kernel developers face in the months and years ahead.

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