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Open Source Cloud News Roundup: Week of Oct. 1

 Zenoss released a new report this week that predicts more than 50 percent open source cloud adoption among enterprises within five years.  In other open source cloud news, Rackspace has a new training and certification program for OpenStack, Citrix is building its IaaS platform and CloudStack is looking for speakers at its November conference in Las Vegas.  See the top open source cloud headlines here.

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Greg KH: 5 Open Source Projects That Need Developers

As Linus Torvalds reminded us during the Linux Kernel Panel discussion at LinuxCon this summer, being a kernel developer is not the only way to be an important part of the Linux and open source communities. Here is Greg Kroah-Hartman's list of five open source projects you could work on.

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Open Source Cloud Roundup, Week of Sept. 24

The OpenStack Folsom release is out this week, along with a new cloud strategy announced by IBM. See all of the top open source cloud headlines in's weekly cloud roundup.

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Building a Private Cloud with Open Source Ganeti: Pros and Cons

Oregon State University‚Äôs Open Source Lab is running its private production and development cloud on Ganeti, an open source virtualization management platform developed at Google. The system is easy to deploy and manage and is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and academic institutions that want to set up a private cloud with minimal resources.

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Open Cloud News Roundup, Week of Sept. 17

The official launch of the OpenStack Foundation drove the open source cloud news this week. Here is a collection of news articles devoted to the announcement and some analysis of where the project is headed, including one board member's open criticism that the project should have rejected VMware's application for membership.

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