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HTML5 and Qt, Two Popular Tools for Embedded Linux Application Development

Standardization has moved up to the application layer as developers adopt tools that simplify and speed UI creation. HTML5 and Qt are two application development environments rising in popularity among embedded Linux developers. 

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Law Librarian Creates LibreOffice, gscan2PDF How-to Videos for 100 Linux Tutorials Campaign

Library technician John Kerr was one of the first Linux community members to add his how-to videos to the 100 Linux Tutorials Video Campaign [link] this year.  The brief screencasts showcase software that he uses everyday in his job at the county court house library for the Wellington Law Association in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

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Jon Corbet Mulls Linux Kernel Changes

In this Q&A Linux kernel contributor and co-founder Jon Corbet previews his Linux kernel forecast talk at Collaboration Summit, discusses some kernel changes that surprised him last year, and reveals some of the biggest challenges kernel developers face in the months and years ahead.

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Live Twitter Q&A Thursday with Adapteva CEO on the $99 Linux Supercomputer

Next month Adapteva expects the first $99 Parallela boards to be in production -- just in time to show off at The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco.  Here, CEO Andreas Olofsson gives us a preview of his talk at Collab in preparation for his live chat March 28 at 11 a.m. PST.

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Intro to Real-Time Linux for Embedded Developers

When embedded projects call for for a real-time operating system,Linux developers often turn to PREEMPT-RT, the real-time kernel patch, to get it done. But in most cases real-time requirements on embedded projects can be met without turning to a RTOS, says kernel developer Steven Rostedt. Here, Rostedt answers our questions about the RT patch for embedded developers.

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