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The People Who Support Linux: IT Manager Pursues Masters Degree in the Art of Open Source

How is the Linux community like a terrorist organization? This is a question graduate student, IT Manager and Systems Engineer Joel Burleson-Davis recently explored for his master’s thesis on sociological and philosophical systems, including Linux.

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The People Who Support Linux: SysAdmin Tony Atkinson Admits to a Luddite Streak

New individual Linux Foundation member Tony Atkinson’s technical expertise runs deep as a Linux systems administrator. But he confesses to be a bit of a luddite when it comes to smartphones and tablets.

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Open Source Cloud News Roundup: Week of Nov. 5

CloudStack has released its first new code since becoming an Apache incubator project in April, according to top open source cloud headlines this week. Also new this week, Eucalyptus will soon have a new release to compare with its open source competitors; Microsoft needs an open cloud strategy; the open cloud is built on Linux; and Netflix releases an open source tool for monitoring AWS deployments. 

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Top New Networking Features in CloudStack 4.0 Release

The CloudStack 4.0 release includes key networking functions similar to those in OpenStack’s recent Folsom release.

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Open Source Cloud Roundup: Week of Oct. 29

This week's open source cloud headlines highlight a few smaller open source projects and companies, including Blue Box and Orion. You'll also find more details on HP's cloud strategy, a new software-defined-networking feature for Rackspace cloud and an op-ed from Alfresco on the role of open source cloud in disrupting proprietary software vendors. 

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