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Top New Networking Features in CloudStack 4.0 Release

The CloudStack 4.0 release includes key networking functions similar to those in OpenStack‚Äôs recent Folsom release.

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Open Source Cloud Roundup: Week of Oct. 29

This week's open source cloud headlines highlight a few smaller open source projects and companies, including Blue Box and Orion. You'll also find more details on HP's cloud strategy, a new software-defined-networking feature for Rackspace cloud and an op-ed from Alfresco on the role of open source cloud in disrupting proprietary software vendors. 

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The People Who Support Linux: IT Manager Finds New Purpose with Raspberry Pi After Near-Fatal Fall

After an accident last year left him with severe brain trauma, Alan Lumley is miraculously back at work as an IT Manager and even more serious about Linux.

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Open Source Cloud News Roundup: Week of Oct. 22

This week's top open source cloud headlines raised a few interesting questions. Does OpenStack need a Linus Torvalds? And can Eucalyptus be the next billion-dollar open source company? Announcements from Rackspace and OpenNebula are also featured, along with an inside look at Cisco's OpenStack Edition.

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The People Who Support Linux: A College Student By Day, Red Hat Developer By (Late) Night

Meet Linux devleoper Sam Kottler, a sophomore at Wheaton College and a full-time employee at Red Hat where he works on The Foreman project. 

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