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Linux Fans React to Rumors of Microsoft Office on Linux

The Linux Foundation asked its Twitter followers to weigh in on the rumor that Microsoft might port Office to Linux. Responses ranged from enthusiastic to skeptical to opposed, to just plain hilarious. Here's a collection of some of their tweets. 

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The People Who Support Linux: Student Damien Levac Gives 3 Tips for Developing Games on Linux

New Linux Foundation individual member Damien Levac is building an adventure puzzle game on Linux. Here are his favorite tools and tips for game development.

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The People Who Support Linux: Brazilian Developer Hacks Health Care with BeagleBoard and Android

Six months ago Daniel Neis Araujo started Atto Systems Engineering in Florianópolis, Brazil, with the aim of making the intercommunication between medical devices better and cheaper.

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Open Source Cloud News Roundup: Week of Nov. 12

This week in open source cloud news headlines ZDNet predicts winners and losers in cloud computing; Amazon needs to adjust its strategy to account for open source momentum; CloudStack is a contender; Rackspace's OpenStack distribution has new features; and Nebula offers the hardware component to OpenStack software.

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The People Who Support Linux: IT Manager Pursues Masters Degree in the Art of Open Source

How is the Linux community like a terrorist organization? This is a question graduate student, IT Manager and Systems Engineer Joel Burleson-Davis recently explored for his master’s thesis on sociological and philosophical systems, including Linux.

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