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Linux Kernel Git Repositories Add 2-Factor Authentication

While using ssh keys is much more secure than just passwords, there are still a number of ways for ssh private keys to fall into malicious hands. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to further tighten our access requirements, but without causing undue difficulties for the kernel developers.

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What is the GnuTLS Bug and How to Protect Your Linux System From It

A popular free software library, GnuTLS, failed to correctly validate some X.509 certificates in a way that is very reminiscent of the bug that recently affected Apple. Here's what it is and how to apply a security patch to your Linux system.

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PGP Web of Trust: Delegated Trust and Keyservers

Welcome to the second installment of the "PGP Web of Trust" series. In this part we'll explore "Trusted Introducers" and "Meta-Introducers" in cryptography; how PGP implements "Meta-Introducers"; how PGP trust-signatures work in practice; and what keyservers are and how to use one to keep track of people's public keys.

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In Memoriam of Seth Vidal

Seth Vidal was only 36, but look how much he managed to accomplish, how much loyalty and respect he commanded, how much merit his opinion had among his peers. For his having been here, this world is richer, and for his passing it is now poorer.
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Set Up Your Own Git Mirror with New Grokmirror Tool

On the surface, mirroring with Git is really easy. You just do “git clone --mirror” on the remote system and after it’s done, you have a full mirror of the repository. However, that’s just the easy first step. The real difficulty is keeping that mirror updated so it receives the commits from the master on a regular basis. The tool Linux Foundation sysadmins developed, called Grokmirror  makes it easy to reproduce all of repositories and keep them up-to-date -- easy not just for us, but also for everyone who is interested in running such a mirror on their end.

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