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How to Learn Linux and Share What You Learn: 100 Linux Video Tutorials


100lvt-250One of the best things about Linux is that people share what they learn. It's a virtuous cycle of knowledge.

The Linux Foundation works to provide services, resources and forums in which sharing that knowledge and collaborating to advance technologies can hopefully be more easily achieved.

The 100 Video Linux Tutorials campaign is one way we're hoping to facilitate that kind of knowledge transfer. We've invited the global community of Linux experts and enthusiasts to share what they've learned with others by posting short video tutorials about Linux. We're hoping to rally a worldwide movement to reach 100 Linux video tutorials and we're already more than 1/3 the way there!

Please join us in this effort and submit your video tutorial today. With your help maybe we can hit 50 Linux tutorials by LinuxCon North America or LinuxCon Europe. Who's with me?



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  • Cane Kostovski Said:

    Sounds great. From my perspective, when I have a problem, I have to do a lot of research and still don't have the final answer for my distribution (OpenSuSE 12.3), I am usually pointed in the right direction and finally find the answer. Half the time I go back to one or two of the postings that led me to the answer and post what I discovered in hopes of helping others. But, I am not consistent in my postings and am running into fewer problems lately. Here's hoping your idea grows!!! Cane

  • andy Said:

    As a non-english speaking person,how should I learn English and learn linux well? Thank you!

  • Bryana Said:

    I am about to embark upon the Linux journey and any help would be great. I will try to add my perspective as a newby. I think making the entry into Linux easier might attract more interest. I am doing it out of determination so I know I will continue with it but I know many people who have given up at the onset because they could not make the mental leap.

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