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Reality Check: Supercomputers Still Rule… and Linux Still Rules Them

Given the rise of clustered computers, is supercomputing even worth it anymore? After all, supercomputers are not easy to build and tend to need a lot of resources (like power) to operate. Couldn't cloud computing or even a cluster of Hadoop systems do the same thing for a lot less hassle?

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Two Weeks to Complete New Goose Chase Missions, Win $500

We've added 10 new missions to the Great LinuxCon Wild Goose Chase. Here's your chance to boost your score and vie for the top three spots as we head into the final few weeks before LinuxCon and CloudOpen Europe. The grand prize is a $500 Amazon gift card, first place takes a $200 gift card and second place wins a $50 gift card. 

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Training Scholarship Winner Andrew Dahl is an Aspiring Kernel Guru

Linux Foundation Training scholarship winner Andrew Dahl is relatively new to the Linux community but he’s already jumped in to help on XFS, fixing bugs and reviewing a small number of patches.  As a file system engineer at SGI, he works on NFS, XFS and SGI’s CXFS (Clustered XFS.) But in his spare time he likes to dabble in Qt application development and fix kernel bugs he finds on his current hardware.

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Why Do You Use Linux?

In anticipation of reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter (and I'm happy to report we did last week!), the Linux Foundation asked our fellow Linux users, "Why do you use Linux?" Here are some of the great responses we received.

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New Paper Available: Economic Value of Long-Term Support Initiative

The Linux Foundation today is releasing a new paper that reports on the value of the Long-Term Support Initiative (LTSI), which is a common Linux kernel base for embedded products and is maintained by the Consumer Electronics Working Group at The Linux Foundation.

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