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Training Scholarship Winner Nam Pho Uses Linux for Science

As a first-generation Vietnamese-American, Nam Pho says he learned to make the most of limited resources and opportunities in many facets of his life. When it came to computing, this meant dealing with secondhand hardware. He built his Linux skills through frustrating, but educational, attempts to get old computers up and working again.

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LinuxCon Europe Next Week Hosts 14 Co-located Events with First-Ever CloudOpen Europe

The Linux Foundation is preparing to host its third LinuxCon Europe and this year for the first time will also host CloudOpen in Europe. The combination of the two events along with a variety of other co-located events taking place next week represents the largest gathering of Linux and open cloud professionals in Europe. From KVM Forum & oVirt Workshop to Xen Project Developer Summit and Yocto Developer Day to the Open Compute Engineering Workshop, there is something for everyone.

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3 Embedded Linux Projects Built With the Yocto Project

In August Intel launched the Yocto Project Innovation Challenge to help showcase developers who are building – or simply imagining -- Yocto-based embedded Linux applications and devices. To help inspire your own Innovation Challenge submissions, here are three real-world examples of Yocto-based projects. 

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Congratulations to Nobel Prize Winners, and a Nod to Mass Collaboration

The Nobel Prize for physics was announced today, which went to François Englert and Peter Higgs for the Higgs boson discovery of the subatomic particle that helps define the fabric of the universe, known to many as “the God particle.” This was a highly-anticipated announcement by the science and technology community and is one to be celebrated. Professor Higgs first put forward the idea of the existence of the particle in 1964 while at the University of Edinburgh, but it wasn’t until last year that its discovery was confirmed through the work of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. What happened in those nearly 50 years between theory and confirmation? Many things, including the tireless work of passionate, dedicated scientists. I’d also propose that advances in new technologies and an increasing movement towards collaboration helped bridge idea to...

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"The Code Warrior" Confirmed to Discuss NSA and PRISM at LinuxCon Europe

Dubbed "The Code Warrior" by Vanity Fair, Mikko Hypponen has been involved in addressing some of the most high-profile computer viruses in history. He has assisted law enforcement in the United States, Europe and Asia on cybercrime cases and has written computer security expose's for Scientific American, Wired, Foreign Policy and The New York Times.

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