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A New Collaboration Aimed at Automatically Backporting the Linux Kernel

The Linux Foundation's Driver Backport Workgroup is working on automatically backporting the Linux kernel, which was discussed in some detail at The Linux Foundation's Collaboration Summit in April. As a result, a new collaboration is forming between this Workgroup and the compat-drivers project. Ann Davis of SUSE and the Driver Backport Workgroup guest blogs today about these developments.

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SUSE Aims for One-Click Enterprise Deployment on OpenStack

SUSE plans to roll out the first release of its enterprise-ready, private cloud solution based on OpenStack this summer. But one-click deployment  -- a feature of the SUSE Cloud Provider Program -- could take a while longer to realize in the open cloud.

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Stable Kernel Tree Status, August 2012

As I posted to the linux-kernel mailing list, the 3.4 kernel tree will be the next long-term kernel that I will be maintaining for at least 2 years. Currently I'm maintaining the following stable kernel trees for the following amount of time: 3.0 - for at least one more year...

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Test Your Linux Knowledge at LinuxCon & CloudOpen 2012!

So, you think you really know what’s happening with Linux?  

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The LinuxCon/CloudOpen Experience

Imagine arriving at a conference where you immediately recognize Linux kernel developers from their annual Linux Kernel Summit photo. You connect with colleagues from other companies but with whom you're working on collaborative, open source projects. A lot of faces in the sessions are familiar and a lot are new. Your session and hallway discussions move beyond talk and you start working on advancing your projects right there at the conference. You might even start a new one. And, at night you leave the laptop in the bag and you enjoy amazing venues and great laughs. This is LinuxCon/CloudOpen.

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