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Linus Jumps Ahead to 3.0

Last week it looked like we were, finally, going to get a version bump from 2.6 to 2.8. Instead, Linus Torvalds has bitten the bullet and tagged the first release candidate of the next kernel to 3.0.

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Preparing for LinuxCon Japan: Tsunami Relief, Comic Relief

We're excited to be hosting LinuxCon Japan next week, June 1-3, in Yokohama. Bringing together the Linux community in Japan and supporting the country after its devastating tsunami is very important to us. Linus Torvalds will be there next week, as will a variety of Linux community leaders and contributors.

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20th Anniversary of Linux T-shirt Designs Deadline Monday

Wow, the 20th Anniverary of Linux T-shirt Design Contest is going to be a tight competition this year! I took a look this week at recent submissions and am really excited!

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Six Quick Tips Get You Started with Open Compliance

More and more companies turn to Linux and other open source software for great functionality and competitive advantage in product development.  When they do so, most organizations recognize their responsibility to comply with open source license obligations.  They embrace the responsibility as part of using open source.  Unfortunately, some companies remain unaware of their obligations or choose to ignore them.  Others are simply daunted by the task of putting a compliance program in place.  They needn’t be:  There are lots of resources to turn to for guidance.  The Linux Foundation has created comprehensive training courses on compliance that are delivered confidentially onsite to help companies meet their responsibilities.  We also have instructive white papers and a great checklist of compliance actions compiled from experiences of industry-best compliance programs, and the FOSSBazaar governance...

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Two lazyweb requests

I have a python script that I run all the time as part of my process for emailing out "your patch has been accepted" messages when I accept a Linux kernel patch into one of the many different development trees I maintain. This script's goal is to merely determine the character encoding that the email needs to be sent in, either "UTF-8" or "ISO-8859-1" or "ANSI_X3.4-1968". It's really simple which is great, but it is slow when fed a file of any real length. For example, the Linux kernel Makefile takes almost 2 seconds to run through this file, even if the file is in the...
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