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The Voices in Linus' Head Say Time for 2.8

Of the many questions Linus Torvalds must be tired of answering, one of the top 10 has to be "when will we have a 2.8 kernel?" (Or some variation thereof.) Naturally, a big fuss wouldn't do for announcing the decision to name a kernel 2.8 — so it's been slipped in as a postscript to the announcement that the next kernel will have a short merge window.

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Help me come up with good questions for Linus at LinuxCon Japan 2011

My previous plea for help worked out very well. The resulting video of the talk can be seen here, with one of the highlights being the phrase, "It is cheaper to work upstream in the kernel" from Dirk Hohndel who works at Intel. There's a summary of the talk on over...
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Linux Goes Hollywood: Inspiration for Your 20th Anniversary Video Submission

While Linux creator Linus Torvalds said he was completely out of his depth when he and his wife attended the Oscars earlier this year, could it have sparked the formal beginning to an ongoing love affair between Linux and Hollywood?

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The People Who Support Linux: Unbridled Play, Uncompromising Innovation

Jared Blouse likes to think of Linux as his “software playground.” And he’s been having fun with the trusty OS for more than a decade. “I get so much natural enjoyment from technology,” he says. “And experimenting in Linux is my favorite way to play and learn.”

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What's Up With ARM

Over the course of the last month or so, numerous people have asked me for my opinion on what’s going on with the ARM architecture in Linux. It seems time to broadcast those thoughts more widely.

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