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Looking for a MeeGo Job? Looking for a MeeGo Developer?

You know what's awesome? Getting paid to work on MeeGo. You know what's even more awesome? Having a central place where you can post jobs (if you're an employer) and find jobs (if you want to want to do the work). We've made some changes to the organization of the...

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Glamorous Pictures?

The event last weekend was a "no cameras" event, and while we'll have pictures, I don't have them yet. And I think I'll keep them private when we get them - no need to embarrass the beautiful people any more than we already did.So to make up for that, here's...

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Pearls Before Swine (Torvalds Recounts Night at Oscars)

My life isn't glamorous. I know that comes as a big shock to everybody, since geeks in general are seen as the crème de la crème of society, and the common perception is that we live the life of rock-stars and party all night with all the other glamorous people.Not...

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Ask the Experts: How to Get Involved in the Community

Contributing to Linux or another open source project can seem intimidating, but our experts say that it shouldn't. If you're sincerely interested in the work and find an area where you can add value, you will quickly become a recognized member of the community. We talked to our panel to get some advice on how to get started and how to navigate your way through the process of contributions.

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A New White Paper, Two New Training Classes, and Other Compliance Resources

The Open Compliance Program continues its mission of making it ever easier for companies to achieve compliance with FOSS license obligations. I am pleased to announce the publication of our sixth white paper, titled “Keys to Managing a FOSS Compliance Program,” which can be freely downloaded (along with all our other white papers) from the Linux Foundation’s publications website.  Our new white paper examines the managerial practices needed to plan, coordinate, and control a successful compliance program.  Managing a FOSS compliance initiative requires establishing a plan, gathering sufficient resources, allocating the resources where they will do the most good, tracking accomplishments to plan, adjusting the plan as needed, and so on.  This white paper focuses on a handful of the critical project management techniques needed to assure a successful compliance outcome, namely resource estimation, progress tracking, metrics collection and analysis, and use of management tools. Another addition to our complement of compliance resources is a new training class: LF272, “Open Source Compliance Programs:  What You Must Know.” LF272 discusses open source compliance requirements and industry best practices in organizing and managing the compliance function.  This two-hour condensed look at compliance programs will be offered live over the internet once a month.  Advance registration is required at the open source compliance training webpage on...

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