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Friday Five: Hot Linux and FOSS Stories for the Weekend

Some interesting stories and posts that you might have missed this week, including a change in license for OpenStreetMap data, comparing Web and native apps for mobile, and one lucky FOSS guy is beaming up to the Pixar mothership.

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LinuxCon Preview: Marten Mickos on Why Linux Dominates in Cloud

As we prepared to announce our LinuxCon schedule this week, I talked to one of our keynote speakers, Eucalyptus Systems CEO Marten Mickos....

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Evergreen Joins the Software Freedom Conservancy

The Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) has added another organization — the Evergreen project joins the SFC as the 27th member project. Since we're halfway through 2011, I took the opportunity to check in with Conservancy executive director Bradley Kuhn to see how things are going with the organization.

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It’s a Wrap! (LinuxCon Japan 2011)

LinuxCon Japan 2011 just concluded in early June. While many industry and cultural groups have canceled scheduled conferences and performances in Japan due to the triple tragedy of March 11, the Linux Foundation moved forward with its annual meeting. Turnout was great – reportedly 500 strong – and the technical program was strong. There were also some great opportunities for socializing and renewing acquaintances. The Compliance Mini-Summit drew an impressive audience of about 40 people for a four-hour program that included presentations and a panel session from open source compliance leaders: Shane Coughlan of Opendawn discussed the evolution of FOSS governance Sunil Kumar D and Timo Jokiaho of Huawei shared a corporate perspective on GPL compliance Bill McQuaide of Black Duck Software and Steve Grandchamp of OpenLogic, respectively, shared their insights into corporate adoption of FOSS and their wisdom and experience about FOSS compliance and governance Phil Koltun of the Linux Foundation discussed ways to get started with a compliance program Tsugikazu Shibata, a member of the LF Board of Directors, joined Bill and Steve to provide a Japanese perspective on compliance program implementation. LinuxCon Japan also enjoyed a lively kickoff session, with Linus Torvalds reminiscing about 20 years of Linux kernel work, as prompted by questions from Greg Kroah-Hartman and the audience.   Part of the dialogue was...

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My Highlights from the Newly Announced LinuxCon Schedule

Today we announced the full schedule for LinuxCon North America that will take place in Vancouver from August 17 - 19th. This year we had even more of a challenge than usual in putting together the program. Why? There were so many great submissions. (I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who submitted a talk and please don’t be discouraged if you didn’t make it this year. You had a lot of competition and we would love to see your submissions at subsequent events or in subsequent years. Check our events schedule for more events in Europe, Brazil and elsewhere.) This year is the 20th anniversary of Linux, which we have already been celebrating with a special video and contests. But this year’s speaker line up for LinuxCon will be a celebration on its own, with topics and speakers from across the industry, across the community and across the globe. While we do have a focus on enterprise Linux...

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