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Tracking Weekly Enterprise Linux News: Sun and Rain Clouds Dominate

With enterprise Linux news largely focused on new developments in cloud computing this week, there were a variety of "sun clouds" in the online trades. However, there were a few "rain clouds" on Wall Street.

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New Open Compliance Resources Now Available

When we launched the Open Compliance Program in August at LinuxCon, we committed to providing additional free educational material. At launch, we had three info-packed papers you could view here or at our publications page. I’m pleased to report the fourth paper in the series is now available. “A Glimpse Into Recommended Practices in a FOSS Compliance Management Process” by Ibrahim Haddad can be found here. This paper is in 2 parts: part 1 covers recommended practices that map to the various steps within a FOSS compliance management end-to-end process. Part II will follow (in the November time frame) with emphasis on FOSS compliance considerations...

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Tracking Weekly Enterprise Linux News & Trends

Getting anything done in minutes rather than days makes most of us happy. That's what Novell was promising this week with its latest SUSE Appliance Toolkit...

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Tools, Process, and People Strengthen An Open Compliance Program

An effective open source compliance program depends on a mutually supportive triad of tools, process, and people...

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New York Times: Meet the Defenders of Free Software

New York Times reporter Ashlee Vance reported today on the Linux Foundation’s Open Compliance program and how we work closely with the individual defenders of free and open source software. Ashlee paints a compelling picture of the differences between license compliance in proprietary vs open source software. The former? The Business Software Alliance and multi-million dollar software audits and lawsuits. The latter? Indivuals like Armijn Hemel and other leaders such as the Free Software Foundation, the Software Freedom Law Center, Harold Welte and many others who work with companies to ensure...

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