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New Free Training Webinar: An Intro to Git

We’ve added another installment to our free training series on The Linux Foundation’s Training site: An Introduction to Git, the version control system built by Linus Torvalds. Kernel maintainer and Linux Foundation board member James Bottomley does a great job describing the history of Git and how the kernel community now uses it for all kernel development. He also includes a demo. While Git is used by the kernel development community to...

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Good News for Linux Users From Broadcom

Last week, Broadcom announced they have open sourced the drivers for their latest 802.11n chipsets. This is significant because as closed source drivers, their chipsets were basically non-functional with Linux. By open sourcing these drivers, they can now be included in the Linux kernel. Broadcom joins virtually all other chipset suppliers who have made their drivers open source and compatible with Linux for some time. This driver is now in the staging kernel tree and should be mainlined in a future version of Linux, most likely 2.6.37. We are extremely happy to see this change for multiple reasons. One: it’s obviously good to have more technology available to use; we want technology to “just work” with Linux and since Braodcom is a major technology supplier their absence from the mainline kernel was significant. Two: we have been working with our Technical Advisory Board...

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The People Who Support Linux: At Work and at Home

Chase Crum is a U.S. Army veteran, a Shriner, an IT infrastructure manager, and a member of The Linux Foundation. This certainly does not capture all that defines Chase, but it begins to illustrate where he derives his ideas about Linux, community and giving back. Chase also represents a growing majority of systems administrators and IT managers who are using Linux both at work and at home.

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Torvalds Causes Mob Scene at LinuxCon Brazil

The Linux Foundation today kicked off its two-day debut of LinuxCon Brazil. Attendees got a rare opportunity to see both Linus Torvalds and Andrew Morton on stage, together, and in person. Based on this snapshot from Intel's Dirk Hohndel, I think attendees were very excited about that opportunity.

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Open Contact with Open Compliance Officers

There’s nothing quite like having an urgent issue to pursue with a company – a real thorn in your side – and lacking a name or phone number to contact for follow-up.   (Once upon a time, I reserved a domain name,, intending to aggregate all the world’s corporate customer feedback sites in one place for consumer convenience.  But that’s a story for another day.) What do you do if you’re an open source developer – a copyright holder – and you have concerns about the open source compliance of a product that uses your code?  And you can’t find a contact in that company to communicate your concerns? Here’s what you do:  You let us know at The Linux Foundation and we’ll use our extensive network of relationships to provide you a point of contact in the company for open source compliance.  Just use the web form at Open Compliance Directory...

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