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Smartbook Playing Field Wide Open for Linux

There's been a lot of technology predictions for the upcoming year, with Linux playing a big part in the future direction of tech. Fortunately, we won't have to wait long to see how some of those predictions will play out: it's just a mere three more days until the start of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
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All Quiet on the CodePlex Front as 100 Day Mark Passes

As you may recall, Microsoft announced back on September 10 that it had launched a new foundation “as a forum in which open source communities and the software development community can come together with the shared goal of increasing participation in open source community projects.”

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Nouveau: A 2.6.33 Surprise

Linus has released the 2.6.33-rc1 prepatch, closing the merge window for this development cycle.  
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David and Goliath II: i4i Wins (Again) over Microsoft

Yesterday a very small company won a very big victory against a very large software vendor.
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Finnish Culture...

It's not all that often that we encounter things from Finland here in Portland. So imagine my surprise when we're on our way to our weekly date-night with Tove, and our baby-sitter is gushing about this adorable and wonderful Finnish YouTube video.
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