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Thoughts on 2.6.34

So, as most people will have heard, the 2.6.34 kernel was released on May 16. Back in February, I was predicting a mid-May release, so I hit it almost exactly. That says nothing about my prediction skills, though (which are horrible) and a lot about how the kernel development process is going.
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A Pig Lover's Oath

I honor and loveEvery pig that I seeFor maybe one dayThat pig will love me.Our friendship with pigswill always lastIt doesn't matterWhether it's slow or fast.If we continue to hugEvery pig we canOur love will growAs large as this land.So I promise to helpEvery pig in defeatFor...
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Community Feedback Helps Make Even Better

The annual Planning meeting took place at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit last month. It was a great opportunity to meet face-to-face with some of the most active community members and to understand what kinds of things are working and not working on the site. We even had some hard-core contributors who dialed in for the four-hour session!

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Fragmentation is Good and Bad for Linux

Lately I have been hearing criticism about embedded Linux and how fragmentation, as represented by the many flourishing Linux projects such as Meego, Android and webOS, is bad and dangerous for Linux; these critics suggest that fragmentation will hinder Linux’ ability to compete with compa...
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The People Who Support Linux

The Linux Foundation's individual members help to support the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds and other important activities that advance Linux, while getting a variety of other fun and valuable benefits.

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