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Further Reflections on the CodePlex Foundation: The Glass Half Full

Two weeks ago, I wrote an analysis of the governance structure of the CodePlex Foundation, a new open source-focused foundation launched by Microsoft. My opinion, as expressed in that piece, was that significant changes (which I outlined) would need to be made to the Foundation before it would be taken seriously by Microsoft’s competitors, and more especially, by individual open source developers.
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Forums: Renovated and Updated

One thing about a web site is that it's always being renovated. Users make suggestions, developers find ways to improve functionality; it's a process.

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LinuxCon 2009 Wrap-Up: The Continuing Benefits

The first LinuxCon may be over, but the knowledge and community shared at the conference will be around for a long time.Expert sessions, informative keynotes, and multiple opportunities to kick back and socialize with Linux consumers of all stripes--these marked the flavor for LinuxCon.
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LinuxCon: Shuttleworth's Three Methods to Improve FOSS Development

Cadence, quality, and design were the core themes of Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth's closing keynote talk at LinuxCon.
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LinuxCon: The Little Things Make All The Difference

The first day of LinuxCon proved to be a big hit amongst many attendees, not just for the quality of content but for the extracurricular activities the event has provided.

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