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Another Area of Linux Growth

Thanks to tech like Moblin and Android, netbooks, smartbooks, and smartphones are all the rage right now for consumers, but Linux is also showing up on the very sales counters where all of these devices are being bought.
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Proud to be a Googler

Although I obviously had nothing to do with Google’s decision vis-a-vis China, having only started working there for  a week, I was definitely glad to see it and it made me proud to be able to say that I work there.

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When One Linux Project Wins, All Linux Triumphs

To say there was a lot of Linux news coming out of CES last week was an understatement. 
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Here We Go Again: Video Standards War 2010

Betamax vs.VHS, HD DVD vs. Blu-ray and now DECE vs. Keychest. Can’t the consumer electronics industry and studios cut us a break? 
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Resetting Priorities

I was amused earlier this week by the news sweeping the ether-web about the so-called "GodMode" folder present in Windows 7 and 32-bit Vista.

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