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The Birth of the SGIP (Live from Denver)

Over the next ten years, tens, and possibly hundreds of millions, of new platforms are going to be put into place in the United States as part of a new national infrastructure...

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Corporate IT Policies More Linux-Friendly

As the week began, I had the fortune to come across an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal that addressed the problem employees face all-too-often in the workplace: the hardware and software workers are required to use based on their company's IT policies is often out of date with the technology they can purchase and use at home as consumers..
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Cox, Gleixner, Ts'o Elected to Technical Advisory Board

Besides excellent sessions and networking opportunities, there's usually behind-the-scenes action going on at our many events: meetings and get-togethers for any one, and sometimes several, of our working groups and teams.
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Cross-Platform Coding for Visual Studio Developers via Mono

One of the big challenges facing Linux development is the straightforward issue of actually having developers to write the code. As more academic and vocational training centers add curriculum that includes programming for Linux and free software projects, this has become less of a problem...
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Checking In on CodePlex

It’s been more than a month since I last wrote about the CodePlex Foundation, the new open source initiative announced by Microsoft in early September.
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