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David and Goliath II: i4i Wins (Again) over Microsoft

Yesterday a very small company won a very big victory against a very large software vendor.
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Finnish Culture...

It's not all that often that we encounter things from Finland here in Portland. So imagine my surprise when we're on our way to our weekly date-night with Tove, and our baby-sitter is gushing about this adorable and wonderful Finnish YouTube video.
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A Concise Introduction to Free and Open Source Software

If you’re like me, you became fully aware of free and open source software only gradually, rather than suddenly and all at once. 
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Shuttleworth Stepping Down as Canonical Head, Silber New CEO in 2010

After five years as CEO of Canonical Ltd., Mark Shuttleworth is stepping down from that role, as current Canonical COO Jane Silber steps up as the new executive leader of the popular Linux distribution vendor.

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Smart Phones, eBook Readers, and the Same Old, Same Old

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose — French Proverb 
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