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Cross-Platform Coding for Visual Studio Developers via Mono

One of the big challenges facing Linux development is the straightforward issue of actually having developers to write the code. As more academic and vocational training centers add curriculum that includes programming for Linux and free software projects, this has become less of a problem...
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Checking In on CodePlex

It’s been more than a month since I last wrote about the CodePlex Foundation, the new open source initiative announced by Microsoft in early September.
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The Importance of an Open Internet

Being against net neutrality is one of those arguments that on first glance seems reasonable.

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Plug Into Your Favorite RSS Feed

Managing your RSS feeds, once a novelty, has become a task you need to perform almost monthly, as you find interesting new feeds on a daily basis.

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Digitization and the (Vanishing) Arts of the Book

It’s easy to appreciate the wonders of the Web, and all of the riches that the Internet brings into our lives. All of which makes it easy indeed not to notice the things that tend to slip away, as the collateral damage of progress.
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