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I've actually written code lately, although for some reason it's been all these stupid projects. First I needed to fix the kernel tty refcounting, then I got all OCD on the git SHA1 routines.
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IBM: UNIX to Linux Migration Rate Growing

The question of whether Linux is ready for the enterprise has long been answered by the enormous success the operating system has had in enterprise and data center adoption. The new question should be: how long will it take for Linux to supplant Unix's place in the enterprise?
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The Value of Linux Job Skills Rises 50%

Last week, Datamation published an article on the rise in value of Linux job skills in today’s economy. Linux system administration skills are now the numb...
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How To Survive LinuxCon

I’ve frequently been accused of packing too much into our Linux Foundation events, making it nearly impossible to choose one session without missing other “must attend” ones. At this accusation, I proudly raise my hand and say, “Guilty as charged.”
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Sharing at Every Level

A very nice thing about the Linux community is the sense of altruism that pervades throughout. While the technology is all very well and good, I truly do not think Linux as a concept would keep people around as much as it does without the overall sense of generosity that most Linux users have.

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