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Protecting Linux from Microsoft (Yes, Microsoft Got Caught)

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal’s Nick Wingfield broke a story on Microsoft selling a group of patents to a third party. The end result of this story is good for Linux, even though it doesn&...
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RHEL 5.4 Story Avoids Sad Vendor Lock-In Ending for Clouds

The big news coming out of Red Hat for this year's Red Hat Summit is, at first blush, a little anti-climatic. The release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 seems like just another point release for an already stable successful operating system.
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Red Hat CEO: Collaboration Key to 21st Century IT

While most businesses don't directly compete in the same space as such household names as Google, Facebook, or Twitter, the success of these companies' services does compete with business users' IT expectations.
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Can’t Make it to LinuxCon this Year? Watch Online for Free

2009 is shaping up to be one of the worst years in modern memory for corporate travel funding, which is one reason I’m extremely grateful that the registrations for LinuxCon so far have been good. Because of the tough economic climate, we wanted to make sure Linux users and developers all...
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PS3 Slim Roadmap Leaves Linux Cluster Users Lost

The announcement earlier this month for the new Playstation 3 (PS3) Slim model caused some consternation for Linux users, as it revealed that PS3-maker Sony would no longer support the "Install Other OS" feature that currently operates on existing PS3 machines.

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