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Brockmeier: Addressing Linux Challenges at LinuxCon

Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier is a stable fixture in the Linux community, spreading the word about Linux and open source to all who will listen...
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Changing the Desktop Metaphor

Let's talk about windows. No, not Windows. Windows--the kind made out of glass.
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A Conversation with Chris Mason on BTRfs

If you run your data center on Linux you have likely heard of BTRfs, the next generation file system that was recently merged into the kernel.
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Outwitting the Fashion Police

This is a public service announcement for all geeks. Are you tired of people pointing out that you shouldn't use socks and sandals? I know, it really annoyed me too.
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Spam Begone

While I have a soft spot in my heart (or, rather, somewhere in my gastrointestinal tract) for Spam, the presence of spam, the opportunistic electronic kind, makes me crazed. taywknbuqe

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