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Linux Paves Way for New “Open Source in America” Coalition

Linux has a strong history of deployments in government agencies around the globe and has helped drive the adoption of open source applications in government in recent years. But, we have a long, winding road in front of us.
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A New Voice for Open Source in Government

I’m pleased to report this morning on the formation of a new advocacy group for the use of free and open source software in the U.S. Government.
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Why the Sony PRS-505/PRS-700 is a Better Choice Than the Kindle

Amazon can reach in and randomly destroy the books on your Kindle remotely over Whispernet, without asking your permission first.
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Send In the Clouds

A friend of mine is experiencing a little stress in his marriage, and the cause is IT-related.
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The Rise and Fall of Empires

In my spare time of late, I have been reading Paul Starobin's After America: Narratives for the Next Global Age. It's a pretty good look at how the US, like other strong civilizations before it, seems to be waning as a global power and what the world might look like post-America.
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