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Browser Shares Reveal True Benefits of Open Source

Browser news is always interesting because it gives us one window into how far open source has come on the desktop..
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Chrome OS Sparks Vendor Enthusiasm, Innovation

Some of you might be too young to remember the space race: the frenzied decades of the '50s and '60s where the US and the USSR poured massive resources to be the First [Anything] in space.

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Where Performance is King

We are often so focused on the end-user or business experience of the computers we use on a daily basis that we sometimes forget about the nuts-and-bolts side of IT--a side of technology where performance is king no matter what platform, operating system, and task is present.

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Rambus EU Settlement Appears Near

According to Reuters, one more thread in the long-running saga of Rambus and the JEDEC SDRAM standards abuse saga appears to be reaching an end.
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Putting Trust in the Cloud

What struck me about this situation is how banks can simply change their policies to suit the needs of their corporate clients at the expense of the retail clients. And, I could not help but draw the parallel: how will policies for storing our personal data be developed as more and more cloud providers and services ask us to keep all of our electronic "stuff" out on the cloud?
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