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Blog Your Way to OSCON

One of the cooler aspects of the new site is the ability for any registered user to come in and start their own blog at a coveted spot on the Internet. I have been enjoying many of the entries submitted thus far, and have even talked to a few writers about using their content as full-fledged articles on the site.

Naturally, this quality did come at the expense of some bumps along the way. Last week, the MyBlog system was flooded with spam content. While it was quickly removed as it appeared, it was enough of a problem that we are taking some steps to make sure such abuse does not continue.

Temporarily, we have made the blogs a moderated system. This was resisted on our part, because we wanted to keep the flow as open as possible. But, in order to stop the (mostly) overnight attacks, I decided to put the moderation gate in for now. Please note, I am only moderating for spam content--not opinions or subject matter. And again, this is temporary.

Ultimately, our development team will be putting a spam-removal system in where spam should not get through at all, and if it does, volunteer moderators will be able to remove it and block the offending spammer regardless of the time of day. This system will also be put in place for the direct messaging system and the forums, too.

Dealing with spammers is an unfortunate side-effect of working on the Internet today, and I hope you'll "pardon our dust" as we work to perfect

As a way of saying thanks, and to celebrate the community blogs, we'd like to kick off a little competition. Recently, we became media partners for the ever-cool OSCON event, happening July 20-24, 2009 in San Jose, CA. As a media partner, we were graciously donated two free passes to the event (excluding the tutorials) to share with two users.

So, here's the scoop: starting at 12:01 a.m. EDT tonight (June 11) and for the rest of the month (11:59 p.m. EDT on June 30), the two community bloggers with the most total reads will each receive one of these passes to attend this year's OSCON.(Travel and accommodations not included, sorry to say.)

Note, this is total reads, not total blogs, because we're emphasizing quality, not quantity. You should have a few really great blog that capture a lot of reads each, versus a bazillion "Hello World" blogs. Be creative, be thoughtful. Get the conversations going. It might just get you in the door at OSCON.


LinuxCon Keynote Speaker Bob Sutor Sits Down for Open Voices Podcast Interview

One of the coolest things I get to do in this job is talk to the developers and business executives who are every day advancing the Linux operating system.
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Open Voices Interview with Bob Sutor, IBM

In this episode of Open Voices, Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin talks with newly appointed VP of Linux and Open Source at IBM Bob Sutor. They cover IBM’s current support of Linux, the origin of that support, and the hotspots Bob sees in the Linux and open source market today. Highlights include conversation about cloud computing, Linux on the desktop, ODF, and the growth of the Linux community. Bob will cover these topics in more detail during his keynote at the upcoming LinuxCon conference in September in Portland, OR.

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icon for podpress  Interview with Bob Sutor MP3: Download
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Cisco AXP Contest Field Narrowed to Top 10

Companies are growing more comfortable with the concept of open source development, but they don't always approach it in the same way. Some try to build communities; some try to work in-house first then slowly branch out, and some just jump in with both feet and swim in the deep end from day one...
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The Week of the Linux Desktop

We don’t need to declare the year of the Linux desktop anymore. This week alone was pretty darn good. Having spent the week at Computex, the place where you see all the things that people are going to find in Best Buy and Amazon 6 months from now...
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