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08 November 2012

Distar Wars Episode VII

- Daniel Chapman (Idea & Commentary) & Chris Suico (Artwork)

Disney bought Lucasfilm. 

Say it slowly so it sinks in.

Disney. Bought. Lucasfilm.

You know, the guys that make movies like Aladdin and the Mermaid Princess, now own the Start Wars ip.

There has been quite a lot of speculation of whether this will save or destroy Star Wars, and also what it will mean for the gaming arm of the company - Lucas Arts.

Allegedly, the first thing Disney did was announce that they would release Episode VII. I just hope they don't use the same writers as their other movies.



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  • Rafex Said:

    buahahahahah George! what've you done!!!

  • Kris.Smith Said:

    What are people worried about? That is going to become an over commercialized merchandising fest with comical characters and a paper thin plot? Have you seen Episode I ?

  • jpyper Said:

    If you give George Lucas $10 and a Twinkie and promise not to say anything about his beard, he will give anyone Star Wars licenses.

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