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21 June 2013

How to stop the NSA listening in

- Daniel Chapman (Idea & Commentary) & Chris Suico (Artwork)

There has been a lot of confusion, outrage, misinformation and other general madness (some justifiable, some not so..) surrounding the revelations that agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, are like you know "spying" and stuff instead of only piloting drones around shooting at terrorists, and that the National Security Agency, is actually attempting to ensure the security of the nation by collecting as much info about everyone's communications as they possibly can.

Honestly, I personally am of mixed feelings about the whole thing. Government overreach is a scary thing, but people actively, desperately out to get you even at the expense of their own lives is a little closer to terrifying. It is this visceral fear that the second generates that has allowed the government agencies to push the envelope on the first as far as they can.

But deciding whether they are right or wrong to do so is an argument for better minds than I. Instead we bring you a sample of options that you can use to protect yourself if you are worried that "they" are listening in on your phone calls or reading your emails.


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  • Jens Said:

    Its fine that you guys have an agency that spies on you, collects your data and (just as an aside) sends off death fleets to kill people that are, maybe, guilty of plotting against you. But could you do the rest of us a favour? Don't spy on us! If you wanna be paranoid, and assume the world is out to hurt you, thats your bag - you get to vote on it. We didn't, so please - from many of us out here - stop spying on us. It's not cool. For funsies: "bomb, president, murder, inshallah, dancedancerevolution, coup d'etat, granade, afghanistan, sexy virgins in heaven"

  • Faisal Said:

    1. How much tracker-miner-fs, tracker-store helps nsa in sending file activity? 2. How many backports exist for nsa in linux kernel?

  • jissouille Said:

    It would be very naive to think the nsa/cia and other agencies work against terrorism (which is called resistance depending on the side you're on). It's all about money. Those who really govern are not those whom you vote for. @Faisal: you mean "backdoors" ?

  • Brian Kim Said:

    Huh you know what, I used to work in Military Intelligence in the Army and those methods (or variants / modifications to them) aren't so farfetched. Burning paper notes rather than swallowing them is more practical though, imho.

  • Reader Said:

    If you really think that the massive spying is making you significantly safer from terrorism (or even that terrorism is such a scary risk for you in the first place) ,and that the massive spying is not being used for harmful purposes (e.g. to harass people whose political views - or religion - are unpopular), then I recommend doing some more reading on the subject before so blithely accepting that the government needs to collect all your communications to protect you. At least read someone like Bruce Schneier's blog. PS: Most people killed by drones are NOT terrorists, even if the US government did decide to officially declare all male drone victims "militants" by Orwellian definition.

  • boxofrox Said:

    The NSA is collecting as much info about citizens as it can. So what? They're doing this for a good cause. The protection of the US from "terrorist" threats. What could possibly go wrong? It's not like US politicians/officials are self-serving, corrupt liars that would hide their activities behind National Security confidentiality. Those greedy bastards wouldn't data mine that wealth of information to sell corporate secrets to a competitor. Political campaigns don't finance themselves, and government pay is lousy. Yes this is a slippery slope argument wrapped in a conspiracy theory. The cookie jar is full and within reach of a naughty child.

  • bobb Said:

    Personally, I think if people weren't so "scared" about having their voice heard in public, something would have been done about this outrageous stalking. If people started gathering and protesting, the nSa would have eased up on us people. I bet half of the nSa workers are actually terrorists who search out the non-terrorists, stalking them to death, recording every movement, even bathroom timing :)

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