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07 September 2013

R.I.P Nokia

- Daniel Chapman (Idea & Commentary) & Chris Suico (Artwork)

And so ends an Era. The mighty Nokia, which once encompassed the world has been reduced to bargain basement scraps that Microsoft has scraped up and will attempt to make into a Windows Phone handset unit.

But how did this come about? How could such a dominant player have been brought so low in what is likely the fastest corporate collapse in history? Is Stephen Elop simply the world's most incompetent CEO or was this something more malicious and deliberate?

p.s. Yes Balmer is leaving MS, but he was CEO at the time Elop took over Nokia and proceeded to destroy it.


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  • Ramchandra Apte Said:

    BTW, your RSS feed is broken as it uses relative links, so when I open it in the browser, it goes to "file:///news/friday-funnies/rip-nokia"

  • Joro Said:

    I don't want to sound like "I knew it already 2010", but then I thought that Microsoft will be always a winner with this Windows transition at Nokia: either the Windows phones will be a success, which would be, of course, excellent for MS, or a complete fail, in which case Nokia will sustain heavy losses, and MS will be able to buy it for pennies. Unfortunately, the latter became true :-/

  • Joro Said:

    Thus, I don't think Elop wanted to ruin Nokia. I think they wanted to somehow regain the huge amounts of money which they have invested in the development of Windows Phone - an OS which no one wanted to use and distribute, even HTC.

  • John Said:

    Naturally I bought Nokia when they were tops. The moment that I heard Microsoft to become involved I switched to Samsung. Also, naturally, I do not use Microsoft OS. What a drag!

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