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01 August 2013

Surface Tension

- Daniel Chapman (Idea & Commentary) & Chris Suico (Artwork)

This is just a rumor, but apparently there are 6 million (give or take) unsold MS surfaces. This has been deduced from their mobile division write off.

Given their seeming failure as a mobile platform, we would like to suggest some alternative uses, that may provide for more sales of the surface hardware. Note that the first one - skateboards - had already been offerred up as a prophetic suggestion by MS themselves.


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  • Buchan Said:

    Unlocked bootloader and linux drivers so we can run linux (mer, nemo mobile, or plasma active) on them?

  • Narek Said:

    Giving it away to people like me who can't afford it? Anyone? no? :(

  • WalterCool Said:

    Hahahahahhah agreed! Noone would like a fat tablet with the Microsoft symbol designed

  • Blah Blah Said:

    Blah, blah, blah, blah. Go away, if you hate it. Blah!

  • Blah Blah Said:

    By the way: I'm CNE, NCLE & LPC-3I. And just a little MCP. I love linux, but have no time to hate anything.

  • m.mcallister Said:

    Give them away to schools and other organizations, perhaps non-profit youth groups. Microsoft could at least do a big tax write-off - it'd better than just leaving them to rot in warehouses

  • Joshua Gerrard Said:

    The pro looked like a great tablet, but the price was too high.

  • moo Said:

    drop the price to $99 and have a firesale like hp did. maybe then people would be interested

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