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Intel Driver Integrates BRW Assembler

The xf86-video-intel driver has picked up thousands of lines of new code today with the integration of a BRW assembler in order to compile shader programs on the fly and to remove inefficiencies and mistakes from current Intel shaders...


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  • Dan Said:

    I never got linux to work good on my old intel integrated graphics card. now bear in mind thet i know that my graphics card is old but never the less a good respectable operating system being free or not does not matter it shouldn't have a driver for every hardware out there. Not to mention all the tools that any linux distro lacks. and ddon't give me lies about how I didn't find the right utility or software because I've used linux enough to know that even if they have such a piece of software it's not going to be anywhere as good as closed source programs. And here is and example. I do allot of audio editing and linux does not offer any good software. And nobody can say otherwise.

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